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If you have landed here that means you are currently using world’s most loved video social sharing application called tiktok or often termed as TikTok which is web version of this highly loved app. There is a slight probability that you wonder what this app is all about and how it works and how our this tool will work for you regard of this app so first let’s start with brief introduction about this TikTok app if you are a newbie. TikTok is basically a video social sharing app where you can create, send or broadcast live videos which was introduced in April 2014 as a prototype for checking its usability and later in August 2014 official version of this TikTok app launched for users. Now let’s see how this app works.


Free TikTok Fans and Followers Hack online

As we mentioned earlier that this TikTok app is video social sharing platform based app. Using this app user can create 15 seconds (minimum) to 1 minute (maximum) length videos and can share them through this app and also this app provides feature to login with either your personal email id or through your Facebook id and the best part is when you login with your Facebook id then this app will synchronize your Facebook friends with this app and you will be able to receive any new updates from them.

Importance of TikTok hack tool and why do you need this.

As we discussed earlier that this TikTok or widely known as TikTok app is just really path breaking and extraordinary video social sharing application because many renowned artists and performers from all over globe use this application as their launchpad to get and reach to wide number of audience and their fans or followers and this app is not only limited to the things mentioned above because many world leading musical companies and and casting agencies also keeps their eye on this app’s leading stars and performers because they always wants new and fresh talents, voices and performers to keep their business grow on but you can only grab their eyes to you only if you have large numbers of followers, fans, likes and hearts and that is why we are here to take you that height by providing you large number of TikTok app active followers, likes and fans who are actually active on this app and using it regularly. So now you are wondering how can you get all this by using this our tool so now let’s talk about it.


How this (tikTok) free followers, fans likes and heart tool works and how you can use this.

So now many of you are wondering or the first question might struck in your mind that how this tool works for to get you large number or TIkTok app followers, fans, likes and hearts for your tikTok account and every video post you upload on it. The thing is we possess professional team of application designer, coders and networking analysis experts and all this people use their skills at the best to find loop holes in TikTok app and using those flaws they trespass into TikTok app users and retrieve their account credential and integrate them into algorithm which will later force those accounts to follow, like , and give a heart to every video post of yours and also we ensure about your security so we use very much secure proxy servers and for data encryption we use 128 bit SSL (secure socket layer) so your TikTok account and and your personal information will be safe and invulnerable and no other third party spammer could trace it. Now let’s take a look how you can use this tool.

Instructions to how to use this hack tool to get 10K+ followers, fans and tons of likes and hearts for your TikTok ( account.

  1. First of all you need to enter your TikTok account username and then select the device on which you are using this app.
  2. Choose number of followers you want for your TikTok ( account and then click Start button.
  3. After this our algorithm will start its process and will use appropriate proxy server to hide your IP address and maintain your privacy and security.
  4. After this you will have to complete one simple human verification process so that no other automated spam bots or other web security crawlers can misuse or detect this hack and your security and safety can be remain secure.
  5. After successful completion of this human verification process you will get the confirmation message on your screen. (Note:- It might take from several minutes to up-to 24 hours depends on your mobile platform, web services and your geographical location to reflect the effect of this hack tool to your Tiktok account so in short do not get panicked if you won’t find effect of this tool in your account instantly but one this for sure that you will get your desired result because we worked hard just to provide you the best result you rally want.)